Friday, July 11, 2008

Education Action Team - Interested?

Fulfilling Our e-State Potential: Building Community in a Connected Age
What does this statement mean to you?
On May 29th several hundred Vermonters converged on the campus of Champlain College to discuss just what a community would look like and feel like within an actively "wired" state. From this meeting came many BIG ideas and several action groups. I volunteered to bring people together around the charge of EDUCATION. The time to begin is now.
This group can approach this work in so many different ways. There is the actual work of educating a public as to the power and potential of using digital literacies to support, enhance and improve ongoing work across all venues. Add to this the importance of adding more uses of collaborative web 2.0 tools in our schools, businesses, and community centers. Sprinkle in the ability to capture the life work and ambitions of our community elders. Mix it up by finding ways to increase our global awareness through the use of technology.
The problem for our group will be: Where to start?
Are you interested? Intrigued? Confused?
I would like to set up a preliminary planning meeting to better define our charge. Here are a couple of dates to consider...
August 5 OR 6
Morning 9:00-11:00
Afternoon: 1:00-3:00 OR 3:00-5:00 OR 5:00-7:00
We can meet here at the Superintendent's Office in Essex Town.
Drop me an email at if either of these days would work and if there is a best time for you. I will choose a day and time when several can attend just to get the ball rolling.
Do you have someone you think should be involved? Send me their email address and I will send an invite - or better yet bring them to the meeting with you.
Thank you,
Ellen A. Thompson, Ed.D.
Director of Instruction and Information Services
Essex Town School District

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