Monday, July 7, 2008

Team Needs Members

I sent out a note to the individuals who signed up for this action team at the Symposium, but we need more people to get involved. I'm going to propose at our organizational meeting later this summer/early fall that we go out on the road and talk to folks in some of the regions around the state. Having representation from different regions in the state would not only be good for the team, it could help facilitate the process for establishing the meetings. Let Karyn or I know if you want to sign on, or if you know some people I should reach out to and invite.


Karyn Vogel said...

Great, David! I will email this out to symposium attendees and others who may be interested.

Susan McCormack said...

David - I'm glad you are starting to mobilize your team and I think it makes good sense to reach out across different parts of the state. I look forward to hearing more.