Monday, April 27, 2009

NYT Article: Customer Service Volunteers

Enthusiastic power users are helping others for free. Check out the NYT article.

It's good to remember the 1-9-90 rule when it comes to online participation.

"About 1 percent of those in the community...are super-users who supply most of the best answers and commentary. An additional 9 percent are “responders” who mainly reply and rate Web posts, she said, and the other 90 percent are “readers” who primarily peruse and search the Web site for useful information."


Michael Wood-Lewis said...

Good point, Karyn. In one Front Porch Forum neighborhood that we studied in Burlington, we saw that 50% had posted in the past six months... very different than the standard 1:9:90 rule. Cheers. -Michael

Karyn Vogel said...

Maybe hyperlocal sites do better. Have you seen this article about New Voices grants given to hyperlocal sites?