Friday, August 8, 2008

Economic and Workforce Development Action Team

I am proposing to hold the first meeting on Thursday, September 18th. The location will depend on where the interested parties live or work; it may be in the Burlington area or somewhere in Central Vermont.

Since this team is just getting organized I can’t really say right now what level of commitment may be required. We may find that there is a lot to do (holding some meetings in various parts of the state in order to create more involvement is a possibility) or we may find that there are a number of initiatives already underway and our job could be as simple as cataloging those efforts and trying them into future work of the Snelling Center E-State Initiative. Or the folks may have a completely different idea of how this should come together. There are no pre-conceived notions other than there appears to be a need to come together and see what there might be to do.

I hope that you will agree to participate on this team. If you can commit to a meeting on September 18th, please let me know. If that time is out of the question for you but you want to propose a different time to meet, I’m happy to consider that as well. I can be reached by Email at

But if you can commit to at least one meeting, please let me know. Thanks!

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