Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VPT Public Square: Add your comments

Vermont Public Television will be broadcasting a show about the Snelling Center e-State Symposium on Thursday, August 21 at 8pm. They are hosting a live, online chat as well. You can add your thoughts and comments right now by clicking here. I encourage you to participate and make your voice heard!


Susan said...

I see that the iBrattleboro folks are going to be participating online during the show. These folks are so thoughtful and the action ideas they posted on the Snelling Center's e-state wiki are worth looking at. Here's a link: http://snellingcenter.wikispaces.com/iBrattleboro

Michael Wood-Lewis said...

I agree Susan... Christoper and Lise add great experience and insight to the conversation, especially around citizen journalism.

As I've said elsewhere, our experience with Front Porch Forum, started in 2000 and now serving about one-quarter of the state, leads us to many of the same observations. Brattleboro, and the State, are fortunate to have them!